In detail
GENERAL FEATURES Aluminium Alloy Frame profile design
4 hydraulic disc brakes
Mechanical handbrake
Rear luggage box of 240 L
Windshield with wiper system
Stereo/memory card/USB connection
Grab handles on roof frame
Italian elegance design
Anti sun curtain
EU (L6E) road safety certification
ELECTRIC FEATURES 2 Brushless 48V electric engines
Regenerative braking energy recovery (optional)
Min power: 4Kw
Battery charger: 220V / 10A
Recharge time 6-8 h
Lithium battery 48V, 100A
PERFORMANCES Maximum legal speed: 45 Km/h
0-45km acceleration time in 10 seconds
Energy range approx. 120 km
Ground clearance 150 mm
Boost mode available
Incline: 20% or more
SPECIFICATON & WEIGHT Overall Length (mm): 2310 mm
Overall Width (mm): 1210 mm
Overall Height (mm): 1660 mm
Wheelbase (mm):1520 mm
Front Wheel thread (mm): 1058 mm
Rear Wheel thread (mm): 1047 mm
Tyre size: 145/70R14
Overall Weight (Without Battery): 313 Kg
Lithium Battery: 48 Kg (48V,100AH)

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