Easy travel, ride and park

MIKI–SWISS, drive in eco-style with its beautiful Italian design. Personalize your own 100% electric car in style as MIKI-SWISS comes in your favourite colour and/or design.
Or even put your company’s logo on it for that extra eco–publicity and promotion!

MIKI-SWISS can very quietly get up to speeds of 45km with no petrol consumption. It can be driven anywhere and draws much attention. And with a special license, you can be as young as 16 years old to drive the MIKI-SWISS.

Small car, safety first

With MIKI-SWISS, creativity meets safety! Designed with shock-absorbing compartments, the aluminium frame is manufactured to make the cabin as strong and resistant as possible to ensure maximum safety. With four hydraulic disk brakes, safety belts and power boost function, MIKI-SWISS will carry you easily through any traffic, and keep you well protected from the rain and wind.

Small car, great design

MIKI-SWISS comes with many practical features for your comfort, such as windscreen wipers, window heating and even power windows on both sides for some extra fresh air. Grab handles on the roof frame and an anti-sun curtain are also standard features. Last but not least, surround yourself with your favourite music via the Blaupunkt stereo system with USB connection and memory card slot. Enjoy your drive!

Small car, loads of space

MIKI-SWISS is small on the outside, but very roomy on the inside! It can comfortably carry two people of any height. It has made use of every cm of space, so stretch your legs and enjoy the stylish and spacious interior. You will also easily fit your suitcases, groceries or other shopping in the 240L luggage compartment. Due to its compact size, travelling around has never been so convenient and easy – no more traffic jams or problems finding a place to park! MIKI-SWISS can easily be parked everywhere.

Small car, green power

MIKI-SWISS can be charged at home or at the office, in fact anywhere a standard 220V plug is available. Just plug in and charge up! With its advanced Lithium Battery technology, no special chargers or charge poles are needed. When fitted with the optional regenerative braking energy recovery system, the battery will even charge whilst braking. So drive 120 kms with 2 powerful brushless 48V engines and 4Kw (5.4 HP) on just one full charge.

MIKI-SWISS, the smart Electric Vehicle (EV)